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Sat 8 Jun 14:00 - League Full time

Warriors Men victorious in their season opener


Warriors Men opened their season with a local derby against our dear rivals HRC.

With the sun glaring down from the sky with thermometers rising up to 28 °C, the clash would be physical, fast paced and most definitely sweaty.

The clash was evenly matched, but Warriors got the upper hand in the end taking a bonus point win with the result 15-33. Five players made their debut for the Warriors.

Scrum, lineouts and pick and gos proved to be a weapon for Warriors with a solid performance from the forward pack. Winter's handling exercises and attacking drills also bore fruit with backs executing piercing runs past the opposition defensive line.

A minor bump in the victory was the penalty count that did not favor Warriors. Definitely something the team needs to work on before the next outing.

Coach John Tariau was proud of the team's performance:

”Great win for the boys, a lot of good things done but also a lot of work-ons, obviously it was quite challenging out there not only facing the man in front of you but also battling the elements, which in this case was the sun rarely seen in Finland! All round though great win for us and we’ll regroup and plan for our next game”

Warriors want to thank HRC for the fair and hard fought match and eagerly wait to face them again in August.

Next up for Warriors is a trip to Tallinn in the end of June where they will face Kalev.

Tries: Juha Rainvuori, Matias Hyytiäinen, Henrik Andersson, Anthony Martinez, John Tariau, Kasperi Korhonen

Penalty Goal: Kasperi Korhonen


1. Akseli Sinitalo-Nunes
2. Anthony Martinez (Captain)
3. Mikko Gröndahl
4. Juha Rainvuori
5. Henrik Andersson
6. Aleksi Moilanen
7. Juuso Mikkola
8. John Tariau
9. Andrei Parisi
10. Matias Hyytiäinen
11. Francesco Natanni
12. Timothy Gilbert
13. Kim Kärkkäinen
14. Jochum von Veh
15. Kasperi Korhonen
16. Jussi Uosukainen
17. Heikki Harju
18. Johannes Korpela
20. Jeremias Komulainen
21. Antti Ulvila
22. Lewia Sokosaya
23. Liam Beckett

Coach : Stuart Reynish
Team Manager: Iiro Uotila

Team selection

Korhonen, Kasperi Korhonen, Kasperi
Natanni, Francesco Natanni, Francesco
Kärkkäinen, Kim Kärkkäinen, Kim
Gilbert, Timothy Gilbert, Timothy
von Veh, Jochum von Veh, Jochum
Hyytiäinen, Matias Hyytiäinen, Matias
Parisi, Andrei Parisi, Andrei
Wuatai-Tariau, John Wuatai-Tariau, John
Mikkola, Juuso Mikkola, Juuso
Rainvuori, Juha Rainvuori, Juha
Henrik Andersson Henrik Andersson
Gröndahl, Mikko Gröndahl, Mikko
M Martinez, Anthony M Martinez, Anthony
Sinitalo-Nunes, Akseli Sinitalo-Nunes, Akseli


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