WRC Academy on seuran juniorirugbyohjelma 3-18 -vuotiaille. Ikäryhmiä on yhteensä 5 kpl:
  • U18 (18-vuotiaat ja nuoremmat)
  • U14 (14-vuotiaat ja nuoremmat)
  • U11 (11-vuotiaat ja nuoremmat)
  • U8 (8-vuotiaat ja nuoremmat)
  • U5 (5-vuotiaat ja nuoremmat)
WRC Academy is the club's junior rugby program for 3-18 year olds. There are 5 different age groups:
  • U18 (18 yo. and younger)
  • U14 (14 yo. and younger)
  • U11 (11 yo. and younger)
  • U8 (8 yo. and younger)
  • U5 (5 yo. and younger)

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Hinnat • Costs

[Same info coming soon in Finnish.]
Total rugby costs to train and play in WRC Academy: ~30 € / month
(incl. club membership, license and insurance)

In order to play in official games, you need the following 3 things:
   1) to be an official member of a club by signing up for a group (WRC Academy fee: 20 € / month charged online via Clubee, includes training, coaching, possible games, transport to games, food on game days, match jerseys, social events, etc.)
   2) to buy a license of the Finnish Rugby Federation (11,50 € / year)
   3) to have an insurance (only needed for official games, 52€ / year for 8-11 yo., 93 € / year for 12-17 yo.)
Come and try out rugby before committing for free until you are sure you want to sign up

NOTE! Do not let money prevent you from playing rugby. Contact your coach, tell them about your situation, and we will find a solution: we also have 2 scholarship grants awarded each season to help players facing difficult economic situations, more information from your coach!