Here we present the costs related to rugby.
Before we get into detail, the summary is:

In general Total rugby costs to train and play for Warriors total approx. 20-30€ / month (including club membership, license and insurance), significantly below the average of 60-80€ / month for most other sports in Helsinki.


In order to play in official club games, you need the following 3 things:

  • to be an official member of a club, Warriors Rugby Club in your case, Which you do when you sign up via the form for your age group on this web page:

  • to buy a license to the national federation, SRL, (only needed if playing in games, recommended in general - 10€/year)

  • to have an insurance. (only needed for games, recommended in general - around 90€ / year)


Insurance and license go with the calendar year: from January 1 to December 31.

Therefore, we recommend you look to buy them at the start of the year in January.

As is always the case at Warriors Rugby Club, if you are new, you are free to try rugby and participate in trainings etc before committing.


Here is how you can purchase the 3 things you need:

  1. How to pay club membership: 

Membership contributes to various costs including training, coaching, games, transport to games, food on game days (for those under 18), match jerseys, social events throughout the year, individual coaching when requested.

Junior membership costs will be 20€ / month, and will be charged online and you will be able to manage it via your app of the club, clubee. Here are the forms to sign up.

  1. How to pay the Suomen Rugbyliitto license and insurance:
    You can buy it all here:

In summary, for juniors, the license price is 10€ per year, including a rugby ball the first time you join. The junior insurance is also much cheaper than seniors, and starts at 93€ / year, if you turned 18 in this year (born 2004 or later*).
If born 2003 or ealier, you will need to buy an adult insurance (from 220€) but will be allowed to play in senior games. In that case, contact directly Saku Kvist of Pohjan Tati, indicating your are coming from Warriors Rugby Club, at, or by phone at 050 460 4184.
Please note license and insurance are paid annually and the validity follows the calendar year (from January 1 to December 31). The earlier you buy, the better! 


In summary, total rugby costs to play for Warriors total approx. 30€ / month, including club membership, license and insurance included, significantly below the average of 60-80€ / month for most other sports in Helsinki.

We are an inclusive sport and club, and if you need financial help to be able to participate, do not let money prevent you from playing rugby

Contact your coach, tell him/her about your situation, and we will find a solution: we also have 2 scholarship grants awarded each season to help players facing difficult economic situations, more information from your coach!



  • What ages?
We are the first club in Finland ever to have coaches and age groups covering all ages from 3 to 18 year olds ! Right now, we have 5 age groups: U5 (5 and under), U8, U11, U14, 18.
  • When and where do you train ?
The exact days and location in Tali depend if we are playing outdoors (from around May 15 to around Oct 15), or indoors (from around October 15 to around May 15):

During the summer season, when we can play outside (May 15 to October 15 approx ):
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 17:00 - 18:00.
Where: Tali outside field, near Ulvilantie 12 --> "Tali H2" on google maps.
- During the winter season, (October 15 to May 15 approx);
- Monday 19:00 - 20:00 at  Töölön pallokenttä / Pallokenttä 6, 
- Sunday 19:00 - 20:00 at  Talin Jalkapalohalli.
We are still to confirm with the city an earlier slot also for the younger ages.
If public holiday or school holidays, no training.
  • What does my child need to try?
Just normal sports clothes and sneakers/running shoes. :) We will mentor and teach each children, from any level, size and capacity  !
We love to welcome and teach children of any age from 3 to 18, any size, boys and girls. Rugby is a sports that finds a place for each individual with their strengths to bring what they have to the team!
You do not need to pay anything to try for the first month.
  • How will my child learn rugby?
We are dedicated to have individual attention and small groups. We have a gradual coaching plan, based on fun, safety and mini games for our players.
Our coaches are from our senior teams, and our mens team has won the Finnish championship 8 times, several of our coachs have played for Finland, many have coached or worked at schools, they are mentored, as well as with all the background checks required for child related education.
We have coached at 12 schools in Helsinki (French-Finnish school for example), and created the after school rugby club at International School of Helsinki.
  • How is contact introduced?
For now, contact rugby is played in games only at U18 level.
We have a coaching plan to introduce over 6 months, step by step, how to play rugby with tackles.
We start with touch rugby, then with holding, then with walking tackles, and until U15, we play a limited style of rugby (rugby X) so there are no rucks, no scrums. 
In summary, we go gradually, following World Rugby guidelines, with small games (wrestling on the ground to get the ball, tackling but everyone on their knees, wrestling on the floor to keep the other player on the ground etc...).
  • Trying rugby : when do I need to pay, what if I don't continue etc...
You can try for minimum a month, without paying, but you can ask for more if needed!
You only pay for the months you use.
Do not let money get in the way: we have grants for families who need it!
  • I don't know much about rugby as a parent, but I want my child to try!
Rugby is one of the top 10 sports globally with 500 million fans. It is famous for its values of respect, team spirit and fair play. With juniors, we play no contact “touch” rugby, where mixed teams of boys and girls can play and have fun and be safe.
We will teach your child everything and we can also explain in basic words what we are doing !
Rugby is a low cost sports compared to most in Finland: 30€ per month all in all in the end, compared to 50-60€ in average for sports in Helsinki.