Rugby coach needed for Warriors ladies!

Rugby coach needed for Warriors ladies!

By Satu Raudasoja
12 January 2017
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Warriorsin naisten joukkue etsii valmentajaa / valmentajia erityisesti 15-rugbyn kesäkaudeksi 2017. Hakeminen 31.1. mennessä.

Warriors ladies’ team is looking for a rugby coach /team of coaches for the summer season 2017!

Warriors ladies rugby team needs a head coach and assistant coaches for the 15’s rugby season in 2017. The head coach is responsible for the overall coaching of the team. The roles of assistant coaches can be defined more in detail together with the head coach. The positions are open to anyone interested, there is no need to be a member of the Warriors Rugby Club. The positions are voluntary work based. The head coach will have a compensation of the membership fee of the club (if applicable) and costs related to games are refunded (e.g. bus trips to game locations). It is possible to continue coaching also after the summer.

Warriors ladies has currently about 35 players, of which about half have started rugby in 2015 and 2016. In 7’s rugby season Warriors ladies have had always two teams (during the 4 years of the series) and the Black team has won 7’s champions 3 times and ended second in 2016. In 15’s rugby Warriors ladies have won the championships in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014, but in 2016 the team ended fifth (= last) in the series. This was at least partly due to the great number of new players in the team, who played their first season of 15’s rugby last summer.

The deadline for applications is 31.1.2017 and the applicants will be interviewed by the current coach (& long time player) Satu Raudasoja together with 2-3 players of the team. Selection will be done before the end of February 2017. The job of the head coach starts in April and first 15’s rugby related training sessions are held from the beginning of May 2017, as the 7’s season ends on the 29.4.2017.

The summer games start on the 27.5. for the ladies, and the last game before the finals is 9.9. Semifinals are played 23.9. and the finals 30.9.

You can write your application letter in English or in Finnish. We would like to know about you:
- Coaching experience
- Rugby experience
- Coaching courses / education
- Other rugby related courses, certificates

- Why do you want to coach the Warriors ladies?
- What kind of coach are you? Or what kind of coach do you want to be? And how is your coaching philosophy?
- What kind of feedback have you got about your coaching?
- How will you develop your coaching skills in general and your rugby coaching?
- What are the most important things in a team sport?
- What do you think, how is it different to coach ladies (adult women) from coaching some other group of people?

- How do you plan a training session? (Describe shortly the process of planning a session.)
- Overall draft plan for the summer 2017
o themes and the overall view of the season
o one training session planned more in detail
- What are your goals in coaching Warriors ladies?

For more information about the team and any questions:
Satu Raudasoja,, p.0400489847

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