Beginners' training 9.1.2024

08 January 2024

FREE RUGBY TRAINING: BEGINNERS ESPECIALLY WELCOME! Warriors organize the next open rugby training on 9.1.2024.

New year, new sport - try rugby and get fit while having fun! Rugby is a sport for all shapes and sizes, don't worry if you don't feel super fit at the moment! Everyone (both men and women) above 18 years is welcome. (check our web page for junior rugby.). Rugby is a versatile team sports, that involves strength, endurance, agility, coordination, catching, passing and kicking.
Rugby is about more than the game: we have a vibrant social calendar throughout the year, and we're a very open, supportive and international community.
Rugby is affordable too: you don't need much gear, and participation in trainings if free for the first two months.

Indoor training: bring a water bottle, sports shoes, and exercise clothes. We train on astroturf and the majority uses cleats, but you can also participate in trainers. The hall temperature is below room temperature, so it can be wise to bring somewhat warmer clothes.
No registration needed, you can just join like that! The training takes about 90min. We will meet in the lobby of Tali hall. (Talin jalkapallohalli, Purotie 8)
9.1.2023 19:00-20:30 Talin Jalkapallohalli Purotie 8